Curriculum vitae

Keppler Jan-Horst

Professeur des universités
Tel : 01 44 05 45 13
Bureau : P 139



Born:     Hamburg, 26 December 1961

Nationality:     German                 

Civil Status:      Married, one child

Tel.:    01 42 30 84 80

Port.:  06 77 81 37 46





  • Professor of economics after national examination (“agrégation”)


  • Habilitation in economics

      THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Department of Economics, Baltimore, MD (1987-1990)

  • M.A. and Ph.D. in economics

      Thesis: Monopolistic Competition Theory 1926-1941 (Director, Peter Newman)

      BOLOGNA CENTRE of the JHU School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), (1986-1987)

  • Diploma in international relations and economics


  • Studies in semiotics (U. Eco), mass communication and urbanism

      FREE UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN, Department of Comparative Literature (1982-84, 1985-86)

  • M.A. in comparative literature and history

      Thesis: Diderot’s Jacques le Fataliste and Sterne’s Tristram Shandy as open works of art




Full Professor of Economics

Director of Chair European Electricity Markets (CEEM) with work on electricity market design for investment in low carbon electricity markets, flexibility management and infrastructure investment

Director of the Masters programme « Energy, Finance, Carbon » (Master 129)


Senior Economic Advisor in the Nuclear Development Division, research and project management in economics of nuclear power in low carbon electricity systems, carbon pricing, system effects, coordination with IEA on joint projects, COP21 coordination.

Other key responsibilities

  • Senior Researcher at CGEMP on electricity markets, carbon markets and energy economics
  • Senior Researcher at PHARE, Université Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne on theories of competition
  • Coordinator of undergraduate teaching in Industrial Economics
  • Teachings Environmental Economics, Energy and Industrial Economics and History of Thought
  • Member of the Exchange Council of EPEX Spot, the European power exchange
  • Technical work for Low Carbon 100 (low carbon stock market index by NYSE Euronext)
  • Director « European Governance and Geopolitics of Energy », Ifri, (2006-2008).




Professor of economics

  • Teaching Industrial economics, History of economic thought and Natural resource economics
  • Senior Researcher, GRESE, University Paris I – Pantheon Sorbonne



Full-time Associate Professor in economics

  • Teaching in Industrial Economics, Energy and Natural Resource Economics
  • Researcher at the C3ED, delegate to the European CATEP programme on emissions trading



Principal economist

  • IEA Economic Analysis Division and Energy and Environment Division
  • OECD Environment Directorate, Economics Division
  • Research in energy economics, energy subsidies and market reform, energy efficiency, emissions trading, biodiversity, energy and environment, sustainable development
  • Numerous publications, secretary for two OECD bodies, oversight of consultants


ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT STIFTUNG, Bonn and Washington, D.C. (1991-1994)

Director of North American Office

  • Creation of American subsidiary of worldwide organisation for scientific exchange
  • Implementation of high-level projects for international scientific collaboration


PROGNOS (European Centre of Applied Economics), Basel (CH), (1990-1991)


  • Development of conceptual framework for major study on energy externalities funded by German Ministry of Economics (BMWi)
  • Responsibility for the coordination of sub-contractors




Fellowship of the JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY                                                              1988-90

Fellowship of the JHU BOLOGNA-SAIS CENTRE                                                               1987-88

Fellowship of the DEUTSCHE AKADEMISCHE AUSTAUSCHDIENST                                              1984-85




German:                                           Native

English, French and Italian:          Fluent

Spanish:                                            Reading knowledge

Dernières publications

BU Paris-Dauphine


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Communications sans actes

Cometto M., Keppler J. (2013), Short-term and Long-Term System Effects of Intermittent Renewables on Nuclear Energy and the Electricity Mix, "Les effets de systeme des energies renouvelables intermittentes : mesure et internalisation". Séminaire de la Chaire European Electricity Markets, Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France

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Comptes-rendus d'ouvrages

Keppler J-H. (2016), Review of the New English Translation of Heinrich von Stackelberg (1934, 2011) Market Structure and Equilibrium, Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, vol. 34, p. 405-411

Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

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