Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates on the international job market 2019-20

Placement Officer: Gabrielle Fack (


Sultan Mehood 

  • Research fields: Development Economics, Political Economics
  • Job market paper: "Judicial Independence and Development: Evidence from Pakistan"
  • References: Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, Eric Brousseau, Thierry Verdier and Thomas Piketty
  • Curriculum Vitae: English version     
  • Link to Sultan Mehmood's website: here     


Noémie Cabau 

  • Research fields: Microeconomic Theory, Games of network formation
  • Job market paper: "Collective action on an endogenous network"
  • References: Francis Bloch, Sidartha Gordon, Nicolas Klein and Ming Li
  • Curiculum Vitae: English Version
  • Link to Noemie Cabau's website: here