Séminaires externe et interne

Next seminar: Samuel Bates, November 20, at 12:00 in room C108.

Samuel Bates will present the following paper:

Sustainable development and Viability: Conception for Managing the Vulnerability of Social-Ecological Systems


Conceptions of vulnerability and resilience are unified with the concept of viability to assess the current state of dynamic (Social Ecological) Systems in terms of sustainable development and hence to deduce a typology of regulation options. Mathematical viability theory serves as the basis for this conceptual structuring. Several scenarios of evolution and their prerequisites at the initial SES state are deduced from vulnerability metrics that quantify two key properties: the loss of viability constraint compliance and the loss of resilience capacity. Illustrations on FWI agrosystems are provided. Configurations and human actions that reconcile economic and environmental constraints of sustainability are distinguished from infeasible states of guaranteed sustainable development.

Programm 2017:

Date Intervenant Affiliation
18/09/2017 Nina Guyon Singapour University
25/09/2017 Florian Pelgrin EDHEC Business School
02/10/2017 Stéphane Auray  CREST-ENSAI et ULCO
09/10/2017 Tanguy Bernard Gretha Bordeaux
16/10/2017 Olivier Marie School of Business of Economics of Maastricht University
06/11/2017 Ching-jen Sun Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
13/11/2017 Leontine Goldzahl  Université Paris-Dauphine
20/11/2017 Samuel Bates Université Paris-Dauphine
27/11/2017 Carlos-Vargas Silva Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford
04/12/2017 Kaivan Munshi University of Cambridge