Séminaires et conférences

Olivier Marie, Monday October 16th, 12pm, room C108.

Our next speaker for the external seminar will be Olivier Marie (Erasmus university and Maastricht university), who will present the following paper: 

Does Making Sick Leave Costly Reduce Absenteeism?

Abstract: We study the impact on work absenteeism of a reduction in the amount of money received in the national temporary sick leave scheme in Spain. The reduction in the sick leave benefits affected only public sector employees, which enables us to implement a difference-in-difference approach comparing their absenteeism with respect to that of private sector employees before and after the introduction of the reform in 2012. Since the change in benefit generosity was different depending on the number of days of sick leave, we investigate work absences at both the extensive (spells) and intensive (duration) margin. We do this using high frequency administrative record data of all sickness absences declared in Spain between 2010 and 2014. Our results reveal that, if the reform did have the intended impact of decreasing the number of temporary sick leave spells among public workers (-30 percent), it also had the perverse of greatly increasing average duration (+30 percent). As a result, overall number of days lost due to sickness absences did not decrease since the reform made returning to work made potential future spells more costly. We also find that a larger proportion of spells were linked to ‘objective’ rather than ‘subjective’ illnesses suggesting that the reform did however succeed in deterring fake sick leave. Finally, there is evidence of displacement towards working accidents.

Olivier is an applied economist who has worked on crime, as well as on health and education issues.  sites.google.com/site/oliviermarie/

Program 2017:

Date Intervenant Affiliation
18/09/2017 Nina Guyon Singapour University
25/09/2017 Florian Pelgrin EDHEC Business School
02/10/2017 Stéphane Auray  CREST-ENSAI et ULCO
09/10/2017 Tanguy Bernard Gretha Bordeaux
16/10/2017 Olivier Marie School of Business of Economics of Maastricht University
06/11/2017 Ching-jen Sun Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
13/11/2017 Leontine Goldzahl  Université Paris-Dauphine
20/11/2017 Samuel Bates Université Paris-Dauphine
27/11/2017 Carlos-Vargas Silva Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford
04/12/2017 Kaivan Munshi University of Cambridge