Curriculum vitae

Ben Amar Amine


Dernières publications


Ben Amar A. (2018), An old wine in new shari'a compliant bottles? A time-frequency wavelet analysis of the efficiency of monetary policy in dual financial systems, Economics Bulletin, vol. 38, n°1, p. 558-564

Hachicha N., Ben Amar A. (2015), Does Islamic bank financing contribute to economic growth? The Malaysian case, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, vol. 8, n°3, p. 349-368

Ben Amar A., Hachicha N., Saadallah R. (2015), The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission Channels in the Presence of Islamic Banks: The Case of Saudi Arabia, International Journal of Business, vol. 20, n°3, p. 237-260

Cahiers de recherche

Ben Amar A., Bellalah M., Ben Slimane I. (2017), Are Non-Conventional Banks More Resilient than Conventional Ones to Financial Crisis?, LEMNA Working Papers, 23 p.

Ben Amar A., Bellalah M., Jerfel L. (2017), Du Tunindex au Tunindex-i: Structure et Performance, SSRN Working Paper Series, 11 p.

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